by Benbo



Freshly baked from his studio littered with hundreds of rejected mixes and masters, Benbo is now ready to present his début EP to the public.

Signed to Cooking Vinyl as a songwriter on the strength of a three-track demo in 2009, by that point he'd been working on his début album for six years.

Three more were to follow. Self-producing through sheer necessity, grinding out mix tweaks and revisions week after week during snatched hours between work and sleep, by the end of 2012 he was ready for it all to end.

Exhausted and on the verge of erasing all Benbo songs from existence, he realised it was time to give this ridiculous perfectionism the middle finger. And so: he began 2013 by announcing to anyone who would listen that he was setting out to complete 52 new, original music collaborations by New Year's Eve.

Twelve months later he had management, a ton of new artist friends, a label deal and an offer from Gordon Raphael to help mix the record.

So, after just another year of tweaks, here we are with EP1. This is the first time he has been able to present a body of songs he is happy with.

1. 'Sheep On Drugs' was recorded and mixed in one manic all-night session in a Hastings bedroom.
2. 'I'm Gone' was written between Brixton and New Jersey with poker champion and award-winning film director Jet Wintzer.
3. 'Black Hole' self-generated in an industrial unit in St Leonards-On-Sea.


EP1 launches at a special Pink Lizard Music Presents party on Friday May 29 at Roadtrip & the Workshop, 243 Old Street, London EC1V 9EY, featuring Benbo with full live band and special guests. For guest list, email GL@benbo.ninja.

Photo: Ray Fiasco for Asylum 33.


released March 23, 2015

Written, produced, performed and mixed by Benbo except 'I'm Gone' written by Benbo/Jet Wintzer and performed by Benbo/Francesco Menegat.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Sheep On Drugs
Keep your shoulders on
I only wanna see how things have gone
Where you're coming from is absolutely fucking mad

I Evanescence you
I Lemonheads and Public Enemoo
I Sheep On Drugs and Muse
But never had a thing by Tad
And nor did you
Nor did you

Switch off everyone
A spade is still a spade in Huntingdon
Check for locks undone and scrape the spiders off my legs

What happened in my life for you?
Track Name: I'm Gone
I think you’re
Very nice
I think we should
Make it twice
And I don’t think you know anybody that takes you as seriously as you should be
What do they all think you talk about?
It goes over their heads and straight into my ears and I’m gone

I’m gone

You think I’m very nice
You think we should do it twice
And I know what’s going on in here cause my central processor’s in despair
I can’t eat food
I can’t do my hair
I get up I move on you come into my brain and I’m gone

I’m gone

Ah er ooh egh er oo oo

I’m gone
I’m gone
I’m gone
I’m gone
Track Name: Black Hole
Black hole, black hole,
What do you do to me?
Black hole, black hole,
Sea of Tranquility.

Don't you know you'll never make the grade if you don't drink lemonade?
Don't you know you'll never see my face if you don't enter the race?

Black hole, black hole, what do you do to me?
Black hole, black hole, Sea of Tranquility?
Black hole, black hole, what do you do to me?
Black hole, black hole, you make me want to say

No way