Earth Dreams

by Mother Cyborg

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Earth Dreams 04:53
How will you escape the cold when you live so far away from what we use to call home? Will you dream of the sun to feel the warmth inside of you? Its inside of you. Its inside of you. Will the nakedness of your body grow to be fond of the frozen memories of being human? How will you know when you’ve gone to far? I’m afraid you’ve gone to far. How will you know when you reached the life you're looking for? How will you know when you’ve gone to far? How will you know the life you're looking for? What will you do with eh information you’ve found? When you realize what you’ve been, what you’ve seen, and how you’ve lived your life thus far. Does anything change? Do you suddenly stop what you are doing and you realize that it moves in different ways? It moves in different ways. This bird whispered to me that it is better to love than to leave it all behind. How will you know? The clouds told me that we haven't much time. That it is better to love than to leave it all behind Will you listen? Maybe it will just vanish away? Maybe, maybe. Will you listen to what the birds have to say?


released March 17, 2017

Written, produced, performed & recorded by Mother Cyborg & Benbo at House of Cyborg, Detroit & Pink Lizard Towers, London.
Published by Pink Lizard Music.
Mixed by Benbo at Pink Lizard Towers, London.
Mastered by Bob Macciochi at SC Mastering, Suffolk.


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